Life at SGB

Our People: One Suntory

Our people are the driving force behind Suntory's growth and success. The talent, precision and passion that our employees (fondly known as Suntorians) bring to their work is evident in every product that we make. Suntory is committed to supporting and cultivating the creative potential of our employees as together we expand our business and address today's most pressing global challenges.  By creating an environment where employees can be their best, SGB aims to build a multinational company in which each employee, working as an independent professional, can design his or her own career and continue to create value for Suntory.

To support our employees, we established "Suntory People Way" , a core set of principles rooted in our unique culture

Promoting Health and Work-Life Balance

Our people are the heart of our company and we are committed to promoting employee wellnees

We believe that productivity is triggered through a balance in work quality and health quality. This begins first by creating a safe , enjoyable workplace for all Suntorians, but our efforts extend well beyond the workplace. SGB strives to create a healthy work-life balance, and encourages all employees to adopt healthy lifestyle through various initiative. Through access to the fitness center and weekly exercise classes, we encourage all Suntorian to stay primed in facing the challenges of working every day. 

Strengthening Talent through Learning and Development

Driven by the spirit of "Yatte Minahare", Suntorians are always striving to do more. In order to grow, inspire and connect all Suntorians, and to accelerate SGB's growth ambition with talent development and engagement, Learning and Development Program opened as a place for all people at SGB to learn.

Ambassador Program also held to share value of our Founding Spirit. We want to create awareness, desire and commitment for all Suntorians to the deep and rich history, heritage and foundation of our culture and live that "Yatte Minahare" value every day. 

Our purpose is to "Craft our Future, Together". We endeavor to support our employees through a broad range of development of initiatives. Together these Learning and Development Program nurture Suntorians' leadership and build a culture of ongoing learning and growth across the company.

Mizu To Ikiru 

At Suntory Garuda Beverage (SGB), we combined local knowledge, expertise, and understanding with Japanese-style tenacity, technology and standardization to deliver on the "Mizu To Ikiru" commitment that forms the basic principles of Suntory Garuda Beverage, where we encourage each Suntorian to innovate for the company's sustainability, provide added value for the community and the environment. Not only do we make business growth, but we also pay special attention to harmony with nature. Every activity we do is based on awareness of giving back the goodness of nature that is available and can be utilized. 

A friendly and pleasant working environment will enable you to spark your creativity. Here you can actualize yourself for personal development and professionalism through the support of all Suntorian across divisions and positions.

SGB Builds Future Leaders

SGB trusts that to support company sustainability and to build leaders in the future are necessary. In the process of building future leaders, Suntory invites all Suntorians to achieve "Highly Effective Organizations through Highly Engaged and Empowered Employees". It is an invitation for Suntorian to be a leader, to develop every passion, to dream and  to collaborate with colleagues for the company's performance to grow sustainably.

Realizing this commitment, Suntory presents programs aimed at exploring the potential of Suntorians such as training, coaching & mentoring, and also work rotations both at Suntory Garuda Beverage internally, as well as other business units at the regional level.

Diversity in SGB

Suntory celebrates diversity. Suntorian consists of many people who come from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and genders. Suntory views it as Suntory's uniqueness and wealth, which believes that succes is a joint effort, a combination of various kinds of expertise and character, without seeing the differences as obstacles.

SGB Values
We believe in Suntory's journey to realize the vision of "Growing for Good". We have to share the same values to ensure collaboration for innovation can work well.

- Yatte Minahare (Go For It)
We wholeheartedly accept the challenge. United with our drive for success, we move together to create markets and provide new values. From the start, Suntory had been a pioneer. Today we look forward with courage and confidence.

- Giving Back to Society

By giving back to society, we show that Suntory prioritizes enjoyment and responsibility. While we always run towards success, we recognize the importance of the world around us. We are committed to a long term mutually beneficial relationship.