Working at SGB


To meet growing beverage demand and rise to market and environmental challenges, we need a diverse range of skills. 

Each and every day, our highly engaged and unique individuals work in harmony, bring our very best 

and create value that surprises and delights our customers, consumers and society

Human Capital

The Human Capital team plays an important role in developing talents and building a productive and supportive work environment, so that each SGB Suntorian can develop themselves and work together through a series of training and competency development programs. Not only does it ensure that staffing administration are met, the Human Capital team also instills the values held by the Suntory Group and integrates them with local preferences, creating a culture that supports the company's performance in achieving its big dreams.

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs ensures relations with stakeholders are built and maintained both outside and inside the company, translates the identity of Suntory Garuda Beverage into a variety of activities through various communication channels, and ensures that each CSR and Sustainability program runs in accordance with Group Philosophy

Finance, Accounting, IT, and Legal

Through their expertise, they monitor everything that supports operational activities, including the company's balance sheet, means of connectivity, and regulation. The team also observes, evaluates and offers suggestions in increasing productivity that supports Suntory Garuda Beverage's performance to continue to grow.

Research and Innovation

Not only in the lab does our research and innovation team struggling with product formulas, raw material processing, to packaging, the team also goes to the field to listen to community needs and future trends to bring a healthy and pleasant hydration experience through Suntory Garuda Beverage products.  We unlock our creativity to drive consumer-centric approach!

Manufacturing & Technical Support

Our manufacturing and technical team ensure that all production processes can run optimally and produce high quality products. The team is also responsible for operating the Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant which are initiatives of the Suntory Group to improve the efficiency of water usage and purification of residual water that can be disposed without damaging the environment.

Supply Chain, Logistic, and Procurement

Suntory Garuda Beverage ensures that every product that is in the hands of the Indonesian people is a product that uses the highest quality raw materials, is sustainable, and can be easily accessed in various sales channels. The Supply Chain and Logistics team work hand in hand to maintain the availability of products in good condition, safe for consumption, and on time. Whereas our Procurement Team selects, sorts and cooperates with raw material providers that meet the Suntory Group quality standards and share the similar environmental vision.

Sales and Marketing

Building awareness of each portfolio and increasing sales penetration in each of its canals, the Sales and Marketing Team devise sales and marketing strategies, and negotiate with related parties to ensure that every Suntory Garuda Beverage product can be enjoyed by the entire community.