Mission, Vision, Value (MVV)

mizu to ikiru - our promises
Suntory Group's Promise
mizu to ikiru

"Mizu To Ikiru" is the Suntory Group's promise to our stakeholders

Renew the world like water

As a company that delivers the blessing of water and nature to our costumer, we will protect and pass on the natural environment to the next generati

Satisfy people like water

Just as water quenches the thirst of all living things, so will we enrich lives by delivering products, services and social activities of value to customers and society

Move freely like water

We will continue to be a company where all employees take up the challenge to create new value, moving freely and changing and adapting like water

Suntory Group's Philosophy


Suntory Garuda

SGB Virtual Factory Visits are open to schools, universities, and communities by accessing www.suntorygaruda.com/factoryvisit. This program combines factory visits, education, games, and a Q&A session with the experts at SGB

Harmony with Consumers
Suntory Garuda

SGB reduces, reuses, recycles, replenishes (4R) to conserve water, treats water so that it is safely returned to the environment; and nurturing local farmers for the best raw materials.

Harmony with Nature


Suntory Garuda

Since 2019, SGB launched the Mizuiku Program, an education I Love Clean Water that teaches the importance of appreciating the blessings of nature by preserving and maintaining the availability of water. The Mizuiku Program is in line with the Adiwiyata Program of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Growing in Good Contribution
Suntory Garuda

As a pioneer of jelly drinks in a cup since 2003, Okky is made from seaweed and nata de coco which are good for digestion. In 2022, Okky Jelly Drink Big REBORN launched with 40% more nata de coco, available in delicious strawberry, blackcurrant, guava and orange flavors.

Growing in Innovation

Yatte Minahare

Suntory Garuda

Gemba is Suntory's unique principle whereas we visit consumers and customers to hear from them, and how we can help bring joy and joy through our products and services.

Gemba: Consumers-Oriented
Suntory Garuda

Responding a healthy-driven lifestyle, SGB launched MYTEA+ No Sugar, the first ready-to-drink oolong tea in Indonesia that is 100% free of sugar and sweeteners; contains no added preservatives or artificial coloring.

Oolong Tea: 100% No Sugar

Giving Back to Society

Suntory Garuda

SGB donate to orphanages around the location of the SGB Factory in the form of educational facilities and renovation. SGB also supports the Child Vaccination program and provides education savings support for children with disabilities.

Action for Humanity
Suntory Garuda

SGB supports PPE and masks for the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) JDN medical team; mobile vaccination with KADIN; support for vaccination centers and self-isolation centers with PMI; support small traders with CT Arsa and ACT, as well as product distribution with BAZNAS and APINDO.

Through the Pandemic with Synergy

The Suntory Group Way

It sets out the standards of behavior expected of Suntory employees practicing in their daily activities, to make Suntory Group a company which is selected and loved by customers through the provision of unique values.

Code of Business Ethics

We make our best efforts to ensure integrity and transparency, and we provide safe, reliable, and high-quality products and services

Focusing on Customers and Consumers

We conduct all business activities in a fair and transparent manner, in accordance with the law and the highest ethical standards.

Conducting Business with Integrity and Fairness

Code of Business Ethics

As a good corporate citizen, we strive to make positive contribution to society.

Contributing to Society

We strive to conserve the global environment and ensure that a sustainable society rich in biodiversity and harmonious with nature is preserved for future generations.

Conserving the Environment

Code of Business Ethics

We respect human rights and diversity, and endeavor to create a work environment where employees feel engaged and motivated.

Respecting Diversity and Human Rights

We endeavor to appropriately protect, manage, and utilize corporate assets and information, and respect the rights of third parties.

Managing and Utilizing Information and Corporate Assets