Jakarta, Indonesia, March 31, 2020  – Suntory Garuda Beverage (SGB) is pleased to announce that the first phase of the Mizuiku program has achieved more than 75% of the target beneficiary since it started in July 2019.

"Mizuiku - I Love Clean Water" is an ongoing program to promote awareness of the preservation of clean water to children to become agents of change in the preservation of clean water. As the first phase in 2019/2020, Mizuiku targets water education for 2,500 elementary school children aged between 10 and 11 years and teachers, in five regions including Gowa (South Sulawesi), Banjarbaru (South Kalimantan), Tangerang (Banten), Sidoarjo (Java East) and DKI Jakarta.  To date, the Mizuiku education program has been successfully implemented to provide education to 1900 elementary school children and teachers; 700 individuals in Gowa, 500 individuals in Banjarbaru, 300 individuals in Sidoarjo and 400 individuals in Tangerang.

Charles Rossi, Chief Executive Officer, SGB said: "With the achievement of more than 75% of the target when it was still at the beginning of the year, we are optimistic that the target for the first phase of 2019/2020 will be achieved and even more likely to be exceeded. This proves that as a leading beverage company, the preservation of clean water including its source is very important to us. Thank you for the support of all parties, both internal and external, so that we can expand Mizuiku in Indonesia. "

SGB shares the same mission as Suntory, our parent company, “to Create Harmony with People and Nature” as well as Suntory’s founding spirit of “Giving back to Society” and considers it our great mission to hand down a sustainable society to the next generation.  As a proud member of the Suntory Group, SGB places importance on sustainability of water, which is the source of our business as well as a precious resource supporting human life.

The Mizuiku module includes learning carried out both indoors and outdoors to give students the opportunity to explore all aspects of clean water conservation. Learning is done through interactive discussions, games, songs and dances as well as practice in the field that is designed so that they are motivated to preserve clean water. The module can be modified into one session or several sessions according to the needs in a very varied field.

In addition, waste is a major problem that pollutes clean water. Plastic waste has a use value if properly managed. Therefore, Mizuiku took a concrete step by providing education on sorting plastic waste to 2000 elementary school children, followed by waste collection and recycling activities in order to ensure that we keep our water sources clean.  In the meantime, this extension of the Mizuiku program is concentrated in the cities of Gowa and Makassar.

In January 2020, Mizuiku held training for nearly 200 teachers from nearly 50 schools in Tangerang. The training program provided teachers with more in-depth knowledge about the environment and clean water, new tools (videos about the water cycle, making biopores, etc.) as well as props (snake ladder games, demo tools for water characteristics, etc.) so teachers can convey knowledge about the environment and the preservation of clean water when teaching various subjects to their students.

In the next few months, if the situation becomes more conducive, SGB will hold a Mizuiku education program for elementary school children and teachers in several primary schools, especially in Sidoarjo, East Java and DKI Jakarta.

In addition, other clean water preservation programs such as access to clean water and sanitation, rainwater harvesting, biopore, greening, plastic waste management, continue to run simultaneously along with educational programs so that the water preservation efforts from SGB is realized comprehensively.


About Suntory Group (Japan)

Suntory Group is among the world's leading consumer products companies offer a uniquely diverse portfolio of beverage products from brewed teas, bottled water, carbonated soft drinks, ready-to-drink coffee and energy drinks enjoyed by millions around the world. Suntory is home to award-winning Yamazaki, Hibiki and Hakushu, The Premium Malt's, and iconic American classics Jim Beam and Maker's Mark as well as casual favorites Orangina, Lucozade, Ribena, TEA plus, BOSS coffee, Iyemon green tea, and Suntory Tennensui water. Suntory also produces wellness products and operates a flower business.

Founded as a family-owned business in 1899 in Osaka, Japan, Suntory Group has grown into a global company operating throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania with an annual revenue (excluding excise taxes) of $21.0 billion  in 2019. We are driven by Yatte Minahare - the spirit of bold ambition - and our 40,210 employees worldwide draw upon our unique blend of Japanese artisanship and global tastes to explore new product categories and markets.

As a company that delivers blessings of water and nature to our customers, we are committed to our mission to create harmony with people and nature. Always aspiring to grow for good, we are devoted to giving back to society through protecting water resources, nurturing our communities and fostering the arts.

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Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd (SBF) is a global soft drink company with consolidated revenue of approx. $11.9 billion in 2019. Headquartered in Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2013, SBF is expanding its business with a diverse portfolio of soft drinks and globally integrated platform in five key regions: Japan, Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. SBF’s vision is to enrich our drinking-experiences to be more natural, healthy, convenient, and fulfilling, by leading the next drinks revolution. 

SBF is a core company of Suntory Group, which was founded in 1899 with consolidated revenue of approx. $21.0 billion in 2019. For further information please visit

About Suntory Garuda Beverage

Suntory Garuda Beverage (SGB) was established as a joint venture in 2011 between Suntory in Japan and Garuda Food in Indonesia. SGB offers a varied portfolio of beverages, from OKKY jelly drink and Mountea ready-to-drink tea to MYTEA bottled tea and Good Mood water + natural goodness. In line with Suntory group's promise of “Mizu To Ikiru" SGB has worked continuously to expand and enrich its CSR and sustainability programs, focusing on three areas: social, environment and governance. Our commitment to society includes educational activities such as career talks and factory tours as well as disaster response and various social activities. In February 2019, SGB start pilot program of Suntory "Mizuiku" which teaches younger generations the importance of clean water and conserving water resources. SGB will continue to strive to enrich our customers’ lives by developing innovative new products, sharing our values, bringing benefits to our employees and business partners, and contributing to the communities in which we do business.

SGB currently operates 8 manufacturing plants that are located in Tangerang, Gunung Putri, Pati, Sidoarjo, Lampung, Pekanbaru, Gowa and Banjarbaru.


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