Collaborating with the association and local institution, SGB expands vaccinations for employees

Since January 13, 2021, Indonesia has started the COVID19 Vaccination program with President Joko Widodo as the first person to receive vaccines in Indonesia. In line with the Vaccination program, tightening of Health Protocols continues to be carried out in a number of areas including the establishment of policies aimed at limiting community mobility and interaction, especially in areas with high transmission rates (red zones). This is implement to reduce the rate of spread of the COVID-19 virus. Launching a statement from the Indonesian Minister of Health, efforts to accelerate the implementation of this vaccination are on the upstream side and improving health services and strengthening the medical team are the focus on the downstream side.

During the pandemic since 2020, SGB has always prioritized the health and safety of all employees through various efforts to enforce Health Protocols and real support to all employees. Supporting the Government's program to accelerate Vaccination, the SGB team both at the Jakarta Head Office and at factory locations spread across 8 regions throughout Indonesia and the sales team in the field, most of which have been vaccinated. This expansion is the result of good cooperation and coordination with the Beverage Entrepreneurs Association, as well as local government such as the Police and Regional Hospitals. To provide understanding and accommodate questions that employees have, the company also holds webinars with doctors regarding vaccinations.

Our passion for practicing the Health Protocols never wanes! Vaccination must be accompanied by being aware of body conditions and strict discipline in the implementation of Health Protocols, wherever and whenever. Wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, avoid crowds, and limit movement. In addition, SGB also strictly conduct testing, tracing, and treatment for all employees.

SGB is healthy and ready to move forward together! This is a form of our commitment to continue to produce and distribute safe and quality products for the entire community where all employees who work are in good health and the production process is running by tightening the implementation of health protocols in all lines. Yatte Minahare!