In line with Suntory Garuda's mission of Giving Back to Society, in the 1st week of July 2021, SGB collaborated with CT Arsa and PMI DKI Jakarta Province to distribute support in the form of soft drink products in glasses and bottles to a number of medical personnel and volunteers who were working hard in hospitals and vaccination centers, especially during this micro and emergency PPKM period. This activity is intended to help PMI City in five areas of DKI Jakarta during pandemic handling. Product support will be distributed to volunteers and medical personnel (Nakes) who are currently on duty in handling COVID-19 at a number of referral hospitals and self-isolation locations in DKI Jakarta.

This collaboration to support community is not the first time for SGB with CT Arsa and PMI, after previously also uniting steps to support the medical team, the community and traders in the Large-Scale Social Collaboration during the PSBB period in 2020.

The increased number of COVID-19 patients since June 2021 has forced a number of hospitals to stop accepting patients due to a shortage of beds. Emergency tents in the hospital yard have begun to be erected to accommodate COVID-19 patients who do not have room. Health workers and volunteers who carry out disinfection in various areas have a very important responsibility. It is an obligation for all of us to support the reduction of the spread curve by complying with PPKM rules.

SGB is healthy and ready to move forward together! In addition to expanding Vaccinations, we strictly practice Health Protocols across all work areas and production lines. We are committed to continue to produce and distribute safe and quality products. Yatte Minahare!

Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is a national organization in Indonesia which is engaged in the social and humanitarian field. PMI does not take sides with any particular political, racial, ethnic or religious group. The Indonesian Red Cross in its implementation does not make distinctions, but prioritizes the victims who most need immediate help for the safety of their souls. In carrying out its humanitarian actions, PMI always adheres to the 7 (seven) Basic Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, namely Humanity, Equality, Volunteering, Independence, Unity, Neutrality and Universality.

CT Arsa is an independent non-profit organization that was founded more than 11 years ago with the main mission of breaking the chain of poverty through quality education, optimal health, and empowerment of small entrepreneurs.