In order to become really "my tea" for Indonesian people, revived in 2019, the new MyTea Teh Poci makes use of the calming authenticity and familiarity of teapots. It is made only from a rich amount of selected real oolong tea leaves, processed through the poci extraction system at the perfect temperature, resulting in a rich tea aroma with a bold taste and clear aftertaste. MyTea Teh Poci is the first oolong tea brewed teapot (poci) style in a ready-to-drink PET bottle in Indonesia. MyTea The Poci brings out the authentic flavor of tea, which is familiar to and loved by the Indonesian market. In 2021, MyTea Plus launched with a refreshing and delicious taste, contains OTPP, a natural ingredient extracted from oolong tea leaves that assists in the suppression of fat absorption.

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