Mountea is a pioneer of ready-to-drink tea in cups launched in 2005 in Indonesia. All variants of Mountea made from the perfect blend of special natural tea and refreshing fruit flavor, bring a premium experience in every cup. Suntory Garuda Beverage (SGB) launched Mountea Big Teh Manis in 2017. Featuring the flavor of home-made tea and using no artificial sweeteners, Mountea Big Teh Manis delights consumers with an authentic tea taste and just right sweetness. In 2018, SGB launched Mountea Big Lychee, complementing the existing flavors of Mountea blackcurrant, apple, and guava. Mountea Big Lychee blends sweet lychee and tea, giving a refreshing sensation like being in a café. This new product has been well-received by Indonesian young adults and distributed in all areas in Indonesia. With trendy design and transparent cup, Mountea is more reliable. Mountea, tea with a special touch.

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