Research and Innovation

Consumers are the main priority in every product innovation and development. In order to fulfill the need of consumers precisely, Suntory does not only strive in the laboratory, but also goes out and listens to those needs.  Combining it with comprehensive knowledge and various expertise, Suntory then presents innovative products which are unique and accepted by consumers.

Making the Impossible Possible: Research and Innovation

Suntory has world class R&D facilities spread all over the world that bring innovations for the consumers.

We always put consumers in the top list of priority when it comes to innovation and development. In order to fulfill the need of consumers precisely, Suntory does not only strive in the laboratory, but also goes out, listen and read every trends.

Research and Innovation has been key to Suntory since our founding. We are proud to offer new value through product development, technology and expertise. As Suntory seeks to innovate and grow toward the future, we will continue to promote R&I to create more value to customers and communities around the world.

Monozukuri value embedded into our R&I activities is about limitless creative potential, never ending quest for formula, taste, package and freshness experience that collaborating dedication and expertise from Suntory’s R&D team around the world.

Creating Excellent Taste

SGB has developed numerous market-leading products, including OKKY Jelly Drink, OKKY Flurry drinkable ice cream, Mountea fruit tea in a cup as well as MyTea bottled tea

Promoting Health and Wellness

Our porfolio includes Good Mood water+natural goodness with no artifical sweeteners or preservatives. Good Mood infused real fruit and yoghurt extract.

Suntory Monozukuri Way in R&D

Quest for Knowledge

Society is always dynamic, the need for hydration experience also change from time to time. This has made the word enough never exist in the Suntory's dictionary. We are always hungry for all knowledge, listening to the needs of consumers, and following the existing development. This is our ammunition for all innovations.

5 Gen

We ensure that the entire development and innovations processes runs according to procedures and meets the quality standards by directly going to the fields. This spirit determines the consistency of Suntory Garuda Beverage products quality which also supports the sustainable growth.

Yatte Minahare (Go For It!)

It has never been easy to become a leader in the beverage industry. The challenges that exist does not become a barrier, but instead whipped up our passion to always be creative and innovate to realize our big dreams.

Think Fresh and Be Curious

Suntory products break comfort limits, breathe renewal and be different from the rest. The perfect blend of what consumers want and what they might do, makes Suntory a revolutionary, trusted beverage producer and presents a pleasant new hydration experience.

Co Creation

Great innovation is born from good teamwork. The innovations presented by Suntory are collective contributions from various disciplines and skills. Coupled with One Suntory's strong collaboration, where research results can be used without regional boundaries, makes it easy for Suntorian to work together to realize Suntory's vision, Growing for Good.