Ever since our foundation, the Suntory Group has risen to the challenge of creating new value and delivering products and services of the highest quality. Simultaneously, we have actively contributed to enriching people's lives and promoting a sustainable society. The result is the high level of trust we enjoy from our customers. 

In line with Suntory group's mission “To Create Harmony with People and Nature" SGB has worked continuously to expand and enrich its CSR and sustainability programs

This mission is fundamental to our existence and it guides and inspires our company every day. We’re committed to existing in rhythm with nature. That’s why Suntory is taking the lead in preserving water resources, ensuring that generations to come can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature

Reducing Our Emissions and Consumption

SGB works to reduce our environmental impact through our supply chain, from sourcing ingredients and raw materials through production, packaging and distribution. Together, our efforts are geared toward lowering our carbon emissions, limiting our water usage and using recycled plastic palette in our distribution centers to lead the way of doing visible sustainability.

Teaching the Value of Nature

For us, water is the lifeblood of our business. Every day, we honors this pure and precious resource through our group’s promise “Mizu To Ikiru”, literally meaning “living with water”. This pledge guides every aspect of our business and serves as a promise to communities. Together, SGB and its employees strive to protect water in all it’s forms, from working on internal water sustainability to teaching children the value of nature.

"Mizu To Ikiru,"literally "living with water," is the promise we make to our customers, and the voice of our Philosophy. From here flow all our other brand attributes, and every facet of our business. We value the blessings of water, and deliver them as goodness that touches every part of our world. We protect water in all its forms.

Connecting with Our Communities

We believe our business should create harmony with society. Following in the footsteps of our founder, Shinjiro Torii, we are committed to giving back to the society where we live and work.

In 1921, Suntory’s founder established Honjukai, a free clinic to help families struggling with financial hardship. Since then, Suntory has been committed to helping communities in need. We encourage our employees to extend the same generosity that Shinjiro Torii did, serving their communities and volunteering their time. 

In SGB, we organize Suntory Care to share support for children in disaster area through trauma healing class, education fund and temporary learning space. As a charity movement, Suntory Care encourage employee to organise any activity that will contribute to local community and/or selected charity organization. 

Together with colleagues from Suntory Beverage and Food, SGB also join One Suntory Walk whereas each of our steps and sports time convert into donation amount route to water and nature conservancy.