Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Giving Back to Society

By giving back to the communities we operate in, we show that Suntory stands for both enjoyment and responsibility. While we always aim for success, we recognize the importance of the world around us. We are committed to long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


Managing activities that have a real impact on society is one of the best ways to implement Corporate Culture and Value. 

At the same time, it is also increase employee’s understanding and ownership of Corporate vision to Growing for Good. 

Suntory Garuda Beverage (SGB) always encourage all of our employees to participate in initiatives that benefits society such as: blood donation, mass circumcision, build or rejuvenate public facilities, support orphanage etc.

Disaster Response

More than disaster response assistance that was given swiftly shortly after the disaster, SGB also gave priority to an ongoing assistance. 

With priority on education and child welfare, including access to clean water as one of the most basic needs, our support is given in sustainable way because we understand that disaster area recovery must be carried out jointly and gradually. 

Suntory Garuda Beverage (SGB) takes responsibility for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, including: basic emergency needs, disaster response, product donations, education funds, temporary learning space etc.


We believe that one of the Corporate important responsibilities is to share knowledge and education with young people. 

The discipline of science and technology applied at the factory, the interesting stories behind innovation, the methods of self-development and character in the era of the industrial revolution are an important part chosen by the SGB when speaking to the younger generation. 

SGB is contributing to build sustainable communities by delivering education to future leaders. We open our factory to be visited by students and we share career talk in universities.