At SGB, our mission is to create harmony with people and nature. This mission is fundamental to our existence and it guides and inspires our company every day. We’re committed to existing in rhythm with nature. That’s why SGB is taking the lead in preserving water resources, ensuring that generations to come can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature. Together, in SGB, we strive to protect water in all its forms, from preserving environment to teaching children the value of nature.

Clean Water

Water is the most important ingredient of our products, as well as a precious shared resource.

In order to achieve “water sustainability”, we share and practice understanding on the natural cycle of water, promoting environmentally conscious water use, conserving watersheds, and engaging with the local community. SGB launched Mizuiku education program “I Love Clean Water” in 2019 to promote awareness and importance of clean water to children so that they can become agents of change.

In 2021, Mizuiku signing an agreement with The Indonesian Ministry of Environment & Forestry (KLHK) focuses on educating the children in schools, cadres in organizations, and surrounding communities about water conservation.


Plastic Waste Management

Tackling Plastic Issued to Build a More Sustainable Society.

To prevent plastic from having a negative impact on the environment, SGB aims to provide strong leadership. As a part of the plastic policy, Suntory will aim to create PET bottles by only using recycled or plant-based materials by 2030. Four pillars of Suntory Plastic Policy:

  1. Recycle and Renewable
  2. Reduce and Replacement
  3. Innovation
  4. New Behavior

This led to our partnership with the National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP), a biggest national alliance that works to effectively and sustainably reduce plastic waste in Indonesia. We’re proud to take part in these coordinated efforts to ultimately drive collective action and help realize a more sustainable society.

CO2 Emission

Reducing Environmental Impact

SGB works to reduce our environmental impact throughout our supply chain, from sourcing ingredients and raw materials, through production and distribution. Together, our efforts are geared toward lowering our carbon emissions and limiting our water usage. 

SGB is committed to designing planet-friendly packaging for our products. Thanks to focused innovation and commitment, so in 2014, our MyTea and Good Mood PET bottle started to use world’s lightest PET bottle with nitro-hot-fill (NHF) technology to lock the freshness and enjoyment of products. FF